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By that time Calgary was using single transferable vote , a form of proportional representation, to elect its city councillors. Calgary was the first city in Canada to adopt PR for its city elections. Each voter cast just a single vote, using a ranked transferable ballot. The UFA government elected in 1921 changed the provincial election law so that Calgary could elect its MLAs through PR as well. Calgary elected its MLAs through PR until 1956 and its councillors through PR until 1971 (although mostly using instant-runoff voting, not STV, in the 1960s). While agriculture and railway activities were the dominant aspects of Calgary’s early economy, the Turner Valley Discovery Well blew South-West of Calgary on May 14, 1914, marked the beginning of the oil and gas age in Calgary.
He initially failed to sell civic leaders and the Calgary Industrial Exhibition on his plans, but with the assistance of local livestock agent H. C. McMullen, Weadick convinced businessmen Pat Burns, George Lane, A. J. McLean, and A. E. Cross to put up $100,000 to guarantee funding for the event. Calgary had only a couple days’ peace following the November election before the Calgary Fire of 1886 destroyed much of the community’s downtown. of the slow response to the fire can be attributed to the absence of functioning local government during 1886.
Calgarians were enthusiastic to invest in new oil companies, with many losing life savings during the short 1914 boom in hastily formed companies. Outbreak of the First World War further dampened the oil craze as more men and resources left for Europe and agricultural prices for wheat and cattle increased. Turner Valley’s oil fields would boom again in 1924 and 1936, and by the Second World War the Turner Valley oilfield was producing more than 95 per cent of the oil in Canada.
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A total of 24 candidates were nominated, which equalled 10 per cent of Calgary’s male population. Major James Walker received 88 votes, the most amongst the candidates, the other six members were Dr. Andrew Henderson, George Clift King, Thomas Swan, George Murdoch, J. D. Moulton, and Captain John Stewart. Walker wrote the clerk of the Council that he was prepared to produce evidence that Calgary and environs held 1000 residents, the requirement for having a Council member.